Hey, I’m Kevin-Marie! A business coach who helps overwhelmed, creative and ambitious Women become the powerful CEO’s they desire to be—all while balancing their current work and family lives.

Sound impossible? I’m here to show you and to assure you that you can absolutely create an inspiring and successful business, even around your children, a husband/significant other and a full-time job! I know because that’s the journey I took.

I’m here to show you what I’ve learned along the way, and share mistakes I’ve made (and thousands spent) so you don’t have to. I’m here to show you that you really CAN create your life and business your way!

Of course, this wasn’t always my reality. I have worked in Corporate America for over 19 years. I realized that my life, volunteering, coaching and leadership experiences—not to mention motherhood—were underappreciated and unnoticed. I wasn’t making a difference in the lives of those around me on the level I knew I could be. I wasn’t crushing it as some might say.

And that’s just not me. Something had to change.

I had to change.

And once I finally decided and declared what I wanted and what I knew I was, that was it—the rest is history!

My family is my world.

I knew if I was going to build a business, I would do so around my life—my family. Providing a system of support and success so other women, wives and mothers, can do the same truly lights me up. As the proud momma of three boys, I am able to volunteer at their school and in our community, showing support as an entrepreneur, a mother, and woman. My work-life balance schedule is my choice. Yours can be, too!

I get it. And I’ve got you.

Starting a business is no joke. There’s a lot to learn. So where do you start? And with so many responsibilities already on your plate, it’s easy to become lost and overwhelmed.

When aspiring and new entrepreneurs reach this point of feeling completely consumed, that’s usually when they walk away. Don’t! I’m here for you!

Together, we can create more peace, productivity and impact in your life. The world needs you to share your wisdom, creativity and heart of service. It’s time to show them what you’ve got!

It’s time to build the business and lifestyle of your dreams, for yourself and your family!

It’s your time to level up your life.

Let’s direct that energy and ambition to be the most powerful version of ourselves. I can help you incorporate your dream business! Let’s do this!

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