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3 ways to grow your business without increasing your hours

There comes a time in your business journey when you have to look yourself in the mirror and say, “Enough is enough! I will NOT add another hour onto my workday!”

I know - easier said than done, right?

Well, here’s the thing. There will always be something to do in and for your business. That said, where do you want to focus your attention?

On inbox management or legit revenue-generating activities?

As a coach, consultant, or creative generating revenue consistently, you are only scratching the surface of what you could be bringing in each month.

The reason you’re missing out is you’re too busy with the busywork. So, let’s talk about three ways to grow your business without increasing those already ridiculous hours.

Automate Your Processes

Not a shock that this would be my first tip as a Business Growth Strategist who specializes in processes and system creation! If you can set it and forget it, do it! Think about all the regular tasks in your business that you can put on autopilot. These might be:

  • Onboarding and offboarding

  • Invoicing

  • Social media posts

You will need to spend some time in advance setting up your automation process, but once it’s complete, you’ll be off to handle more pressing parts of your business operation. If that’s not your thing, we need to talk (wink)!

Nurture your past or current clients.

What better place to start growing your business than through your clientele? When you nurture your existing clients, you save time with the “getting to know you” phase and head straight to the solution. You already know how the client moves, and they already know how you operate. Just offer an additional service that would benefit them!

Another way you can leverage your existing clientele is to ask for referrals. Create a solid referral program that pays out a percentage or flat rate for new clients. Not only will this method turn your clients into valuable partners, but you will also receive those vetted prospects without a bat of the eye.

So, incentivize your clients to save you time and contribute to your revenue goals at the same time.

Find your sweet spot.

It’s time for you to dominate! Let’s say you’re a Business Consultant who had a successful career in the HR industry. Why not utilize that experience and cater to HR consultants looking to work with start-up companies? With proper positioning, you will become known as the official go-to for this particular segment of clients. Or maybe you’re an educator turned Business Coach. Why not tap into your expertise and offer your services to educators with side hustles?

Look, I know it may seem like this tip is counterproductive if you’re trying to grow your business. I can assure you it’s not! There is SO much power in niching down because you position yourself as an authority in your space. Clients want to work with people who know their stuff and specialists are more appealing than generalists. Right? Right.

So, ask yourself two essential questions:

What skills or experience do I possess that can benefit my business today?

How can I fill a void in my industry?

Once you nail down this info, you’ll start attracting a specific client base that wants to work with you. Exclusively. And exclusivity = high-income potential!

So, which of these areas will you focus on to start operating your business with a CEO mindset; not an employee?


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