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Finding Balance Through Self Care

The Juggling Act

I see you.

You have BIG goals, a heart of service, and a passion to help others become their BEST self through your skills as an entrepreneur, a woman, and a friend.

You also have a family, a traditional J-O-B (for now), and a deep knowingness that you are here for something great, something huge, something that reaches beyond any one person.

And while that thought is exciting and empowering, it’s also extremely overwhelming. How do you fit ONE MORE THING into your already chaotic schedule? Sometimes it can feel like we’re in a contest with ourselves to cram as much as we can into the precious hours, minutes, and seconds we have.

But where’s the breaking point? How can you keep crushing it in life when you feel like life is crushing you?

I see you. And you’re not alone.

The Family Act

Shifting from a juggling act mindset to a balancing act requires one very important step:


Girl, I’m sure you’ve probably heard that before. You may have dismissed it as a cliché. I know I did, at first.

That is, until our first son came into our lives. That may sound counter-intuitive—as a mother, it seems to go against our very instinct. Yet as I looked into the little face of the life my husband and I created with our love, I understood that we had entered into a contract to do our best for him no matter what.

And I couldn’t do that if I didn’t care for myself. If I didn’t take time to put myself first, eventually I would have nothing left to give. That was a huge lesson my pregnancy taught me.

The best thing I could do for my family was learn to put myself first.

The Balancing Act

Once that clicked, it was game over. I had the most powerful tools I needed to make my dreams a reality. My son was a constant reminder that manifesting one’s dreams is possible.

This epiphany was too important to forget. I started experimenting with different techniques and timetables for putting myself first, for prioritizing me. Some things worked out, others absolutely did not. The most important things in life are journeys, they do not come all at once. So as I share with you things that bring balance to my life, I remind you to be gentle, constant, and open, like love itself.

The Self-Care Act

Daily Devotion: I make a daily commitment to care for myself and to treat myself with as much love as I show for others. I set aside at least 10 minutes each morning to do something that brings me joy and is just for me.

Prayer: Asking for what we want with a heart full of gratitude for all we do are important steps to balance, self-care, success, and abundance. This also helps us get clear about what we really want. When we get to a place where we’re not afraid to ask because we know it’s already there, all for us, we are unstoppable.

Meditation: Meditation has the power to heal our mind and body while restoring peace. Many ancient traditions also say this practice is the key to greater consciousness. In meditation, we are free to focus on ourselves completely, to go deeper within and get to know the real us in all our layers of beauty, pain, and possibility.

Reset Breaks: My kids have recess. I have resets. In moments throughout the day where I feel myself getting overwhelmed, anxious, and tight rather than at peace, relaxed and open, I allow myself a few moments to close my eyes and take a few deep, rejuvenating breaths. I reconnect to the power of my spirit and my intentions. If I need to, I walk around and drink more water. Once I feel centered, I return to my task with a fresh perspective and energy to be more productive.

Celebration: It’s so important to celebrate big and small wins and share these with loved ones. This not only helps us reconnect to our social care networks, it bridges our family and business lives in a positive and supportive way and gives us a boost to keep moving forward and making a difference!

Dropping the Act

Though it may take a little time and effort, forming the daily habit of self-care creates the foundation for greater peace and productivity. Grounding deeper into your own self and care expands your ability to focus and to give.

Most importantly, these practices allow you to get in touch with your true self—who you are when no one is watching or judging. Once you do that, there’s no need to act.

You only need to be you. That’s how you make the biggest difference.

If you’re ready to put yourself first as you grow an online coaching business that doesn’t run your life.


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