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Here's why your online business has reached a plateau

Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a moment, shall we?

Remember when you launched your online biz? You couldn’t hold back the excitement; you shared the news with anyone who’d listen. The business plan you meticulously put together, the processes you established, and the marketing plan you created were solid. You came out swinging hard, and the success soon followed.

Now, let’s fast-forward to the present day. You can’t understand why you haven’t had but a handful of consultations over the last few months and very few inquiries. As a result, your revenue has tanked even though you feel like you’ve been working like a madwoman. You’ve even begun to question whether it’s worth it to stay in business (Hint: It is).


Well, the best way to bounce back from a tough time is to address the problems head-on. So, let’s discuss some reasons why you may have hit a wall in your business.

You've stopped setting goals

You understand the importance of striving towards something as a business owner. Unfortunately, goal-setting has fallen to the bottom of your list of priorities. Goals are essential because they serve as the compass for your business and your personal life. Yes, you need balance in both areas! If you don’t have a compass, how will you know what path to take to maintain a successful business and run it effectively as a business owner?

You haven't had a consistent accountability partner

In the past, you relied on a network of people to keep you on track. Over time, that network dwindled to one person you chat with whenever you have time. When you regularly brainstorm and share your goals with someone you trust, you receive the support AND the encouragement you need to reach them.

You've become complacent in your business

You stopped investing your time, effort, and money into the growth of your business. Sure, you saved a few dollars here and there, but what did you really save? You’re now overwhelmed, overworked, and the fire for your business that once consumed you has fizzled out.

You've been going with the flow

Operating on a whim has become your new way to do business. Any successful biz owner will tell you that it all comes down to the structure that you create in your business processes. If you have no structure, your business has no foundation, which is a critical component in any infrastructure. Your business has gone from a house constructed with bricks to one made of straw.

It’s time to get back into your zone of genius and do those things that made your business successful in the past. You already have the blueprint; now you just have to execute!

So, tell me which point resonated with you the most? What do you need to work on to move past the plateau and head to the peak of the mountain?

Ladies, if you don’t know where to start, I’m here for you. As a business coach and Asana expert, we will work together to get your business back on track. Let’s have a conversation!


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