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How I helped my overwhelmed client streamline business processes and boost sales: A Case Study

Industry: Professional Services

Services: Resume Writing and Career & Interview Coaching

Ideal Clients: Executives, Mid-level Professionals, and College Graduates


About Resume Addict

Resume Addict is an elite resume writing and career coaching service that provides the ultimate client experience from start to finish. CEO and expert resume writer Charnay Haynes works with job seekers to get higher salaries, switch careers, and unveil their career passion.

Business challenges

Operating your business without goals is like a person driving to an unfamiliar place without directions. Before working with me, CEO Charnay Haynes struggled to keep up with the influx of client projects and deadlines. She needed assistance to revamp her services, establish business boundaries, and create a system set up that worked for her operation. Charnay also realized that she lacked a true CEO mindset, which caused her to treat her business as a side hustle.


After hearing Charnay’s challenges, I immediately sprung into action and came up with a customized game plan to address each head-on. It all began with her mindset, so I created a roadmap to shift from an employee mindset to a CEO. From there, I addressed the foundational pieces of her business. We worked together to establish her mission and vision statement, business description, and business value proposition. I then utilized the Audit, Plan, Implement, and Execute method that included:

  • A deep-dive into her business tools and packages

  • A process to attract more of her ideal clients with the right messaging

  • A plan to market for growth by capturing emails

  • A look into productivity planning and statistic tracking

  • A Monthly Profit Roadmap strategy to help her track numbers regularly

  • A breakdown of Asana and how to use it in her business


After working one on one with me, Charnay admits she can see the bigger picture and no longer views her business as a side hustle. She is now more organized, her processes are more efficient, and she has reclaimed some of her time. I helped her to focus more on process improvement and planning for future success. Specifically, Charnay was able to:

  • Attract a higher caliber client with her pricing structure adjustment

  • Make her intro calls more productive with a new questionnaire

  • Generate 8K in 4 days during Black Friday weekend

  • Show up more consistently via video and connect with her audience

  • Position her brand for more partnership opportunities

  • Implement organization tools into her daily work routine to keep her on track

  • Determine that she wanted to focus more of her coaching packages in the future

Ultimately, I helped her address her challenges by implementing strategies and tools that transformed how she approached and managed her business.

A note from Charnay:

If you are looking for someone to fully assess your business and provide you with a roadmap to streamline your processes and workflows, Kevin-Marie is the best coach for the job! She is honest, helpful, and collaborative. She truly cares about what she does and will set you up for success when it comes to your business.


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