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How to find your Business Worthy Passion?

Your Strengths

You’re a go-getter, a make-it-happen kind of girl. You’re the one others come to when they’re not foolin’ around—they need help! And while you love to serve others--it’ a gift that comes easily to you—you can’t help but wonder:

Why am I not doing these things for a business of my own? Is that possible? What would I do, and where would I start? What would that even look like?

Your Passions

You absolutely CAN have a business that lights you up, is something you’re passionate about, and helps to make the world a better place.

But where to begin?

To help you get started, answer the questions below. They’ll help you gain clarity and focus your passions into an impactful online business.

  • What do you LOATHE? What is something you cannot stand? One of the easiest questions to answer is what we DON’T want or like. And it’s a great launching point for our purposes. I’m not talking about open-mouth chewing here. I’m talking about something you see in the world that really shakes you to the core, something that gets your blood boiling. Write down whatever comes to you.

  • What do you LOVE? Now that we’ve identified what we don’t want, let’s take time to acknowledge what we do. What are you crazy about? Jot down what comes to mind. And dig deep, step outside yourself. These can be subjects, topics, objects or other things you do or surround yourself with every day and hardly even recognize anymore.

  • What do others come to you for? What are your friends, family, and coworkers constantly coming to you about? What help or guidance do they seek from you? What are your greatest strengths? Again, these may be hard to identify because they are within your “zone of genius” or something you’re such a Wonder Woman at it’s like first-nature.

  • What are your three greatest memories? What’s going on? Where are you? Who else, if anyone, is there? What impact did these have on your life?

If you could help humanity improve ONE THING, what would it be and why?

Once you have your answers, look over them for similarities. What theme keeps coming up?

Where your gifts and passions overlap is often where you’ll find your purpose, your true calling.

Your Business, Your Way

With this focus, you can start to build out an online business that leverages your skills and strengths to offer a solution to problems you’ve likely already overcome and can now help others do the same.

So what is your topic or focus? What are you here to help achieve? I’d love to know—leave a comment below!

If you need help in identifying your underlying themes, narrowing it down to one (I promise, it’s possible!), or you’re ready to take your clarity and passions further to pursue your online business, I would love to help!


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