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How To Get (And Stay) Organized In Your Life And Biz

So, chances are, you are reading this because your business and life have been stressing you out to the max, and hopefully, you’re finally ready to do something about it!

Organizing your business and life doesn’t have to be a major overhaul. Adopting small habits and practices that’ll set you up for success each day is all you need to get started getting your life and biz together, so what are you waiting for? The work-life balance you’ve been dreaming of is just around the corner, and getting organized is your vehicle to that goal.

Decluttering and organizing your business and life can help you:

So, let’s get organizing, shall we?!

Habit #1: Declutter daily.

If you feel like one big decluttering session is in order, go for it. But after that, make cleaning up and organizing your workspace and home a daily practice so that you don’t have to leave the task for a single day!

For most people, working in a cluttered setting only adds to their stress. So do yourself a favor and tidy up!

Habit #2: Make a daily schedule.

Organized people have time to get more things done because they use schedules and to-do lists to keep them on track! Whether you want to create yours each night to prepare for the day ahead or plan a week at a time, it’s up to you.

But you’ll get bonus points if you create a schedule with timestamps, too, because this way, you can stay on track throughout the day by the hour!

Habit #3: Automate what you can.

Those repetitive tasks that you do every single day just eat up your time, so step your game up by automating them! I promise you. This is the difference between you, the stressed-out entrepreneur, and the entrepreneur who seemingly has it all together.

If work-life balance is what you want, then automating your daily tasks is one sure way to usher in more of it into your life!

Habit #4: Write down the important things.

Oh crap, did your kid’s basketball game catch you by surprise again? Or maybe you completely forget those important deliverables for that meeting.

Avoid all of this by simply writing all those easy-to-forget notes or important dates down in your calendar, phone, or whatever works best for you! Make use of tools like the Reminder app on the iPhone and receive alerts to help you be extra on top of things!

Habit #5: Delegate, delegate, delegate.

Sometimes you just can’t do it all, and that’s okay. If your to-do list is overwhelming you, here are some tasks you can outsource to others:

  • Grocery shopping

  • Administrative tasks

  • Marketing

  • Meal-prepping

  • Email management

You can even hire a systems strategist (like me!) to help you organize your entire biz!

Life can be hectic, but organization helps.

No one said you’ll have perfect work-life balance every single day, but adopting these practices that help you declutter and stay that way sure does help!


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